Bankruptcy Videos

Enjoy the quick and informative videos below to help you learn about bankruptcy, common mistakes when filing, how to choose the best bankruptcy attorney, and more!

An Introduction to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that helps you to eliminate or repay some or all of your debts.

Meeting with your Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people think bankruptcy means going to court, but most often, you never even enter a courtroom. Learn what to expect when meeting with your attorney.

False Bankruptcy Stigmas

Bankruptcy is a responsible, moral choice for your family. Did you know bankruptcy has existed for thousands of years all over the world?

Why Filing for Bankruptcy With an Attorney is the Best Choice

Learn why filing bankruptcy alone — without the knowledge and expertise of an expert — can be dangerous.

Common Bankruptcy Filing Mistakes

Jeffrey D. Mapes, J.D., founder of Mapes Law Offices, explains some of the mistakes that are often made when filing for bankruptcy.

How to Choose the Best Attorney

Learn about how you can make sure you are choosing the best Grand Rapids, MI attorney to handle your bankruptcy.

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