I know, it’s a pain in the butt to take time out of your day and go see an attorney. Especially a bankruptcy attorney. Nobody ever wants to come see me, if I had feelings, they would be hurt, but I’m a lawyer, so my feelings were removed in law school. So I tell ya what, you show up for your free initial consultation, and I’ll give you a free $5 Speedway Gift Card. Seriously. Just show up on the day you schedule your appointment for, and you get a free Speedway Gift Card.

Some of you may be saying “Hey Jeff, what good is a $5 Speedway Gift Card?” Well, first, don’t be a jerk it’s free money. Second, just look at all the amazing things you can get for only $5 at Speedway:

-$5.00 Worth of Gas
-A pack of the cheap cigarettes they keep in front of the counter.
-3 Diet Cokes.
-10 Buffalo Chicken Rollers, or Taquitos (Pro Tip: Buffalo Chicken Rollers are how I maintain my rockin’ dad bod).
-Enough candy to keep your kids quiet for 5 minutes.
-4 large cups of coffee.
-3 Mega Slushies.
-4 Hot Dogs (The Chili and Cheese are free so load up!).

Supplies are Limited so hurry up and get in!