I know, it’s a pain in the butt to take time out of your day and go see an attorney. Especially a bankruptcy attorney. Nobody ever wants to come see me, if I had feelings, they would be hurt, but I’m a lawyer, so my feelings were removed in law school. So I tell ya what, you show up for your free initial consultation, and I’ll give you a free $5 Speedway Gift Card. Seriously. Just show up on the day you schedule your appointment for, and you get a free Speedway Gift Card.

Some of you may be saying “Hey Jeff, what good is a $5 Speedway Gift Card?” Well, first, don’t be a jerk it’s free money. Second, just look at all the amazing things you can get for only $5 at Speedway:

-$5.00 Worth of Gas
-A pack of the cheap cigarettes they keep in front of the counter.
-3 Diet Cokes.
-10 Buffalo Chicken Rollers, or Taquitos (Pro Tip: Buffalo Chicken Rollers are how I maintain my rockin’ dad bod).
-Enough candy to keep your kids quiet for 5 minutes.
-4 large cups of coffee.
-3 Mega Slushies.
-4 Hot Dogs (The Chili and Cheese are free so load up!).

Supplies are Limited so hurry up and get in!

The Meeting of Creditors — What will happen?

The meeting of creditors is likely the only time you will have to set foot in any sort of court room during the bankruptcy process. It is generally a chance for a court appointed trustee to examine the bankruptcy petition, ask a few questions, and determine if there are any assets available in your case to distribute to creditors. While it is called the meeting of creditors, there are very rarely any creditors who show up.

At a meeting of creditors, if we have done our job right to that point, it will be the most boring thing you do that day. On the other hand, if you have an incompetent attorney, it can be a nightmare. Clients often get frustrated at how many documents we request from them before filing, but after the meeting of creditors they will often be amazed at how quickly and smoothly their meeting went compared to everyone else’s. The reason why our meetings go so smoothly is because we are thorough, we take our time, and we make sure we get things right before we file your case.

I took the liberty to go ahead and make a short informational video showing what a typical meeting of creditors may look like. I hope you enjoy it!

Mr. Monopoly has Fallen on Hard Times


The economic collapse of the last few years has hit this country rather hard, and no one has been spared. Even poor old Mr. Monopoly, once riding high in a hotel on Boardwalk, now he is living on Baltic Ave. I found this video today and found it amusing. Warning, it does have a poop joke in it, so if you are offended by such things, you might want to skip this post, otherwise you can check out the link here: Mr. Monopoly Goes Broke

I know some people wonder why I try and post funny things when the topic of my blog is bankruptcy, and there is a very good reason for that: When things are going poorly, sometimes laughter is the thing you need. Money problems are very serious, and I am by no means making light of people in such a situation, but as I tell my clients, it is only money, we can fix this so you can get back to living your life.

If you think you might need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney give us a call, getting information is always valuable, and with bankruptcy attorneys in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Kalamazoo, we are always nearby.