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Can Facebook Ruin my Bankruptcy?

Social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter have changed the way our society interacts. While these websites have brought about lots of positive changes, they have also changed the practice of law. Divorce lawyers often find fodder for their cases on the opponent’s personal Facebook pages and there are even stories of fugitives who […]

New Report: Bankruptcy Should be an Option for Student Loans

The Center for American Progress recently released a report advocating that some student loans should be dischargeable under federal bankruptcy laws. The report recommends limited bankruptcy protection based upon the repayment terms and track record of employment for students from a particular institution. This is encouraging because it could cause some institutions to take their […]

Chapter 13: Why It Might be the Right Chapter for You

When considering filing for bankruptcy, most people think only of Chapter 7, where you are not required to pay back your creditors. However, your financial situation may in fact be better suited to a Chapter 13. Are you struggling with sky-high interest rates on your car? Is your mortgage company threatening to foreclose on your […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy: When to File

If you are currently involved in a divorce proceeding, you undoubtedly have many concerns. If you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse have significant debts, you are also likely considering whether you should file for bankruptcy. Filing jointly before the divorce is final does save you money on filing fees for the bankruptcy court. However, there are […]

Dangers of Filing Bankruptcy On Your Own

Debtors exploring the option of filing a bankruptcy on their own, without an attorney, may be in for a few unwelcome surprises if they do not know what they are getting themselves into. While it is permissible for you to file on your own, it is not advisable for several reasons. Bankruptcy is a very […]