Get out of Debt for $0 down and as little as $100.00 per month.

Each year I meet with hundreds of people who need to file bankruptcy. As of today, I have met with 587 potential clients in 2013. Some don’t need to file bankruptcy, and I tell them so. Some retain us to file for bankruptcy and eliminate their debts. Some need to file for bankruptcy but simply cannot afford it– It is those people who keep me up at nights. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can help people get back on their feet, give them peace of mind, give them equal access to justice, and I believe no one should be denied that relief.

So why can’t people afford to file for bankruptcy? Well, there are two types of bankruptcies, one under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, and one under Chapter 13. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is great, but the law requires that attorneys collect all fees and costs up front. The problem with that is that it means you have to pay between $1,300 to $3,500 up front before you can get relief. In order to file a Chapter 13, our office normally requires a minimum of $1,000.00 up front to file and the rest of the money is paid to us over time.

Those methods have worked well for us, but times are tough in West Michigan and we want to help. That’s why for at least the next month  we can file your bankruptcy for $0 down.

When I say $0 down, that is exactly what it means. Zero money out of pocket for financial relief. Zero dollars to make the phone stop ringing. Zero dollars to stop garnishments. There are so many people who are desperate to get out of debt and desperate for relief, people who could afford a monthly payment in a chapter 13 bankruptcy if they could only get the up-front costs together. I decided that we need to help them.

My staff thinks I’m crazy, and other bankruptcy attorneys hate it, but I need to help my community. I am in the business of helping people get a fresh start through bankruptcy, to set their past mistakes behind them and move on. If I needed help, I would want someone to do this for me, so I want to do it for others. We do it by using the awesome power of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

With the Chapter 13 bankruptcy we can lower your car loan interest rates, save your home, and we can actually make your creditors pay my fees. You will have a small monthly payment, as little as $100 per month, and we will propose a plan that forces your creditors to accept our offer.

If you qualify for our $0 down program, you can get the help you desperately need today. So call us now and get set up for a free consultation. There is no risk, you get to talk to us for free and get professional advice. So call us now and let us help you.