Introducing George J. George, the Attorney so nice they had to name him twice.



I am pleased to announce the hiring of a new associate attorney at Mapes Law Offices. Attorney George J. George has begun working for us and I am certain that you he will be a wonderful asset to our team. In order to introduce George I wanted to write a blog post telling you all a little bit about him. So, naturally I did what any responsible attorney does — I delegated that task to someone else. I had George write a brief introduction of himself and have added it below. While it is certainly informative, it lacks panache, so I have taken the liberty of spicing it up a bit. I hope you all read it and stop by to meet George.

Mapes Law Offices is pleased to welcome its new face meltingly awesome staff attorney, George J. George, or for our Spanish speaking clients Jorge J. Jorge.  George graduated from Michigan State University College of Law in June 2012 and was admitted to practice in December 2012.  He has spent the last two years working as a bankruptcy specialist and highly trained asassin in Detroit, where he successfully represented more than one thousand debtors in bankruptcy court and single handedly rid the city of drug dealers — a feat not even RoboCop could accomplish.  His experience spans from simple, straightforward cases to the largest and most complex personal Chapter 7 cases.  Much of his two years in practice has been spent interacting directly with his clients and ensuring that they understand what is happening in their cases.

George also has experience representing clients in bankruptcy-related matters such as creditor abuses, dischargeability actions, and settlement negotiations.  In cases where a creditor has violated the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy, George aggressively pursued sanctions against the offending creditor, and has put money back in the pockets of his clients for their trouble. has gone to their home, pummeled them into submission, kicked them out of their house, burned their house to the ground, waited until the flaming wreckage cooled, sowed salt in the ground, and made them thank him for it.

In his free time, George rescues orphans, prosecutes war criminals, is a master chef, and is an avid reader. Yes, his legal name is George J. George, no his parents did not hate him, when you’re as awesome as George, one first name just isn’t enough.

George’s work in Detroit put him in constant contact with city residents most in need of bankruptcy relief.  In each case, George treated his clients with compassion, understanding and patience.  He brings the same enthusiasm kindness, and general awesomeness with him as he looks forward to new challenges at Mapes Law Office.