So You Want a CHEAP Bankruptcy Attorney…

So you want to hire a cheap bankruptcy attorney. Certainly understandable, you need to file bankruptcy because money is tight, but you need money to do it – quite the catch 22. So you get out your trusty smartphone, or go to google, and search for Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys in Grand Rapids MI and you are confronted with a bevy of bankruptcy attorneys all promising to do the best job possible for the least amount of money. Heck, I am looking at Google right now and see the following “Cheap bankruptcy $149” “$187 Flat Fee Bankruptcy” and “Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney” all of them just aching for you to click on their link. Well, before you do, let’s have a chat.

Your Dad always told you, you get what you pay for, and it is no different with a bankruptcy attorney. The cost of every bankruptcy is different depending on the complexity of the case, and which type of bankruptcy you file, so I would be very skeptical of anyone who quotes you a price over the phone without meeting you in person. It’s like asking a plumber how much it will cost to fix a leak before they can look at the problem!

You can find a bankruptcy attorney in Grand Rapids to file your bankruptcy for $700.00 or less, but you can’t find a reputable one to do it for you. As I said before fees will vary from case to case, but you simply cannot get a bankruptcy done properly for less than $1,000. This is one of those situations where spending a little money now could save you a fortune later. Let me give you an example:

I met with a couple last year who wanted to file bankruptcy, after discussing their case with me I quoted them a fee of $1,500.00, they said they would think it over and left. A week later they called back to see if I would file their case for $1,200.00 because while they felt comfortable with me, another attorney promised to do it cheaper. I explained to them that no, I could not properly represent them at that price, and they thanked me and hired the other attorney. I heard back from them two months later because they needed my help. Their cheaper attorney did not think to ask them about how much they would get in tax refunds that year, did not properly calculate their income, and did not properly fill out their schedules. Their trustee was trying to take their $5,000 income tax refund and attempting to have their case dismissed. Both of those situations could have been avoided if their bankruptcy attorney had known what they were doing. Their attorney who was $300 cheaper almost cost them $5,000 and left them with all of their debts, not to mention all the stress and worry they had to endure.

At Mapes Law Offices, we are experienced bankruptcy attorneys. Bankruptcy is all we do, we know the potential problems and can help avoid them from the get go. If it is money that is holding you back from contacting us, please call, we are flexible and can work out payment arrangements so that you can get the help you need now. We are not the cheapest bankruptcy attorneys in Grand Rapids, but we are the best bankruptcy attorneys in Grand Rapids. So call us today or schedule an appointment on line so we can help you get back on your feet.